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IK Multimedia introduce Pianoverse

Combines piano samples with experimental effects

IK Multimedia Pianoverse virtual instrument sample library

IK Multimedia’s latest software instrument, Pianoverse, combines concert-grade piano samples with cinematic effects, allowing users to craft everything from realistic acoustic piano parts to experimental atmospheric textures.

There are currently four different pianos, each available as individual purchases, with another four planned for release. The instruments available at launch are a Yamaha CFIII Concert Grand, a Yamaha U5 Professional Upright, a Bösendorfer 280 Vienna Concert and a Steinway & Sons New York D-274, whilst Bösendorfer 200, Steinway & Sons Hamburg D-274, Fazioli F278 and a Koch & Korselt Upright models are due to join the collection through upcoming launches.

IK Multimedia Pianoverse sample library robot playerIn order to ensure consistent velocities across samples, IK Multimedia built a custom robotic player! IK Multimedia say that their team spent years sourcing the instruments in question, which were then prepared by a master tuner and sampled from multiple microphone positions, played by a custom-built robotic system designed to perform exactly like a human finger! The approach allowed for precise control over key factors such as playing velocity, ensuring consistent results across the instruments.

The samples have then been placed into an entirely new sound engine which boasts redesigned round robin and voice management. The sound of each piano can be customised via parameters such as open or closed lid and harp resonance options, along with adjustable pedal or piano mallet noise. All three pedals offer continuous control — including half- and catch-pedaling and una corda — promising to deliver an unmatched performance experience for live playing.

Pianoverse is then equipped with a new generative reverb engine, which comes loaded with spaces that range from concert halls and studio rooms to warehouses, vaults and otherworldly cinematic environments. Each space is equipped with its own set of controls that allow keen sound designers to craft new and interesting textures and atmospheric effects. Insert (two slots) and send (one slot) effects push the capabilities even further — and can even be modulated with two envelopes and two LFOs — and the instrument is also kitted out with onboard EQ and compression.


Pianoverse is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or later, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and above. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats. 20GB of disk space is required for each piano.

Pricing & Availability

Pianoverse is available now as individual pianos, which are currently (29 September 2023) being offered for an introductory price of $99.99, reduced from $129.99. There are also All-Access subscription plans priced at $14.99 / month or $149.99 / year that provide access to all current instruments and future releases.

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