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Warm Audio launch Limited Edition Gold WA-8000

Sony C-800G-inspired mic gets new finish

Warm Audio Limited Edition Gold WA-8000 Sony C-800G inspired microphone

Warm Audio’s best-selling WA-8000 offers the company’s take on Sony’s modern classic large-diaphragm valve capacitor mic, the C-800G. They have now announced the upcoming launch of the Limited Edition Gold WA-8000, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a limited edition version that sports a striking all-gold finish.

Warm Audio Limited Edition Gold WA-8000 Sony C-800G inspired microphone The new WA-8000 is finished with a nickel plating mixed with real gold.The new version features all of the same carefully selected components as the standard model, with an all-brass K67-style capsule and Lundahl transformer joined by a NOS (new old stock) 6AU6 valve — which is housed in a custom external mount. The microphone promises to deliver the natural, open high-frequency characteristics and mid-range clarity associated with the model that inspired it, providing users with a great ‘all-rounder’ choice vocal and acoustic instruments.

The Limited Edition Gold W-8000 will come supplied in a hard carrying case with an shockmount, external power supply and power cables.

To find out more about the WA-8000, you can check out our review of the standard model here.

Key Specs

  • Polar patterns:  Cardioid + Omni
  • Self-noise: 15dB (A-Weighted) Cardioid, 17dB (A-Weighted) Omni
  • Dynamic range: 113dBA
  • Maximum SPL: 131dB (Cardioid), 134dB (Omni)
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 76dB (Cardioid), 73dB (Omni)

Pricing & Availability

The Limited Edition Gold WA-8000 is available to order now priced at $1299£1199 including VAT / €1399. Shipping will commence in October 2023.

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