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IK Multimedia unveil ARC Studio

Company introduce affordable hardware correction system

IK Multimedia ARC Studio DSP room-correction hardware monitor EQ acoustics

IK Multimedia have announced the release of ARC Studio, a new hardware room-correction system designed to bring the benefits of DSP-based correction to any monitoring setup. Alongside the hardware processor, the system also includes IK’s new ARC 4 software and a measurement microphone, offering users an all-in-one solution for improving the performance of their existing setup.

The hardware unit is equipped with a pair of balanced inputs and outputs, allowing it to process the outputs of an audio interface, converter or console before passing the signal on to a pair of monitors. With the included MEMS measurement microphone placed at the listening position and connected to their audio interface, users are guided through the setup process by the ARC 4 software, which creates a custom correction profile to tackle issues introduced by the room’s acoustics. The resulting profile is then hosted by the ARC Studio, allowing all DAW and system audio to be processed without the need for any plug-ins inserted in the DAW or system-wide applications running on the host computer.

IK Multimedia ARC 4 monitor DSP correctionCorrection profiles are created using the latest version of IK Multimedia's ARC software.ARC 4 is latest version of the company’s correction software, and benefits from an improved algorithm that promises to help the system deliver the most accurate correction yet. Nine factory target curves are included, and users are able to customise the amount of processing applied — by default, the system will apply correction across the entire frequency spectrum, but it is possible to define upper and lower range limits, if required.

It is also possible to adjust the resolution of the correction filter to increase or reduce the amount of processing bands used, whilst selectable Natural and Linear phase modes help to ensure the best possible stereo imaging for any given room and setup. Multiple profiles can be created and saved, for applying correction based on different listening positions or monitor setups, for example, and the software also includes over 20 profiles that can be used to emulate the sound of different monitoring systems as a reference during mixing.

IK Multimedia ARC Studio DSP room-correction hardware monitor EQ acousticsARC Studio front and rear views, alongside the included MEMS measurement microphone.

As ARC Studio is a hardware device that sits permanently in the monitoring signal path, IK Multimedia have taken care to ensure it offers good technical performance. Dynamic range figures are quoted as 120dB (A-weighted) and its frequency response extends from 0.5Hz to 40kHz, whilst high-quality clocking promises to deliver ultra-low jitter.

Pricing & Availability

ARC Studio and ARC 4 are available now, with pricing as follows:

  • ARC Studio: $299.99 - (Includes processor unit, ARC 4 software and measurement mic)
  • ARC Studio Upgrade $249.99 - For registered users of ARC (any version with mic), iLoud MTM or iLoud Precision. Includes processor unit and ARC 4 software. Measurement mic not included.
  • ARC 4 Software and mic: $199.99 - Advanced room correction plug-in, and measurement mic.
  • ARC 4 Software: $149.99

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