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InMusic acquire BFD

Industry veterans buy iconic virtual drum brand

InMusic, the parent company of such stalwarts as Akai, Alesis, Numark, M-Audio, Marantz and more, have acquired renowned sampled drum instrument brand, BFD.

Originally developed by FXpansion and released in 2003, BFD — short for 'Big Drums' (the 'F' can stand for a modifier of your choice!) — was one of the first hyper-realistic, multi-sampled, multi-gigabyte drum instruments. Coming out at a time when most home-studio users were grappling with stereo loops for their software percussion needs, it's probably fair to say that BFD changed the game, providing for many the first opportunity to work with genuine multitracked drums in their compositions.

Encouragingly, InMusic tell us that it's not just a case of buying the name: “BFD and its entire engineering departments will now become part of InMusic's R&D facility,” reads their press release. And with InMusic's existing expertise in drum and sample products — Alesis' electronic kits and drum triggers and Akai's MPC range, to name just two examples — it looks like BFD may have found a great new home.

There'll be no disruption for existing and prospective BFD customers either, with all purchasing, download and support for BFD3 and its expansion packs available at the link below, until account migration is complete.

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