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Eventide CrushStation: overdrive plug-in for desktop & mobile

New effect offers more than just distortion...

Processing paragons Eventide have released a new distortion effect plug-in, in both desktop (VST, AU, AAX) and iOS (AUv3) versions.

CrushStation can provide a range of distortion types, from “creamy saturation” to “brutal sonic assault”, and the end result can be further honed thanks to its built-in EQ, compression, octaver, and Sag sections. Sag described Eventide's attempt to model failing analogue hardware — presumably the kind of sound you'd expect from a device with a dodgy power supply or low batteries!

CrushStation comes with 35 presets to get you started, and Eventide's suggested uses for it include beefing up weak snares, finessing a full mix be 'rounding it off' with some saturation, or simply obliterating a lead instrument “by crushing it 'til it hurts”, which frankly sounds like a lot of fun.

Other bells and whistles include a Hotswitch function, which lets you instantly swap between different sets of settings; a Mix control, for parallel processing; and a Ribbon section, which lets you 'play' the effect in real time by morphing back and forth between different sets of parameters.

Normal pricing is $99 for the desktop version and $14.99 for the AUv3 plug-in, but Eventide are offering it up for the enticing introductory prices of $39 and $9.99, respectively.

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