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New compact monitor from Wayne Jones Audio

Baby Reds feature 6.5-inch bass driver

When industry veteran Bob Thomas reviewed the Wayne Jones Audio Jones-Scanlon active monitors in August 2019, he was emphatic in his praise, going as far as to say “the hairs stood up on the back of my neck” when listening to them — and Bob has heard a lot of speakers, so he knows what he's talking about! You can read his review here.

Indeed, one of his only criticisms was that, with their 10-inch woofers and substantial cabinets, they were a little on the large side — something that Wayne Jones Audio have addressed with the launch of the brand-new Baby Reds. (H39 x W25 x D34 cm.) Featuring the same 500W/150W Class-D amplification and DSP features as its larger sibling, the Baby Red monitor houses a more modest 6.5-inch driver, yet still boasts an impressive LF extension of 35Hz. This, say Wayne Jones Audio, was achieved by the use of an extra-long-excursion woofer, with the aim of achieving “the same unsurpassed award-winning sound” as the original.

The new Jones-Scanlon Baby Reds are custom-made to order in Australia, and cost $6950 AUD, or around $4400 USD, per pair. They're even available in custom colours. We'll be bringing you a review as soon as possible.

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