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KRK uncover Rokit Generation Five

Monitors gain new tweeter design & voicing modes

KRK Rokit Generation Five studio monitors G5 DSP correction

KRK have announced the arrival of the Rokit Generation Five, the latest version of their popular studio monitor range. Three versions are available, the Rokit 5, Rokit 7 and Rokit 8, each of which come equipped with new voicing modes, built-in DSP correction and an updated tweeter design.

As with the previous generation, all three models sport the company’s distinctive woven Kevlar-cone low-frequency drivers, which are said to offer impressive damping and modal breakup control. High frequencies are taken care of by a newly designed silk-dome tweeter that boasts improved phase performance and a frequency response that extends all the way up to 40kHz. As for power, each model is powered by a built-in Class D amplifier that promise improved efficiency and reduced operating temperatures over long sessions.

The range now offers three different voicing options that aim to cater to a range of different applications. A Mix Mode offers a flat frequency response well suited to mixing and critical listening, while a Create Mode provides a more forward-sounding character aimed at writing, producing and casual listening. Finally, a Focus Mode allows users to judge what’s happening in the all-important midrange. The monitors are also equipped with 25 boundary and tuning EQ options that help to combat room-based issues, which can be accessed from an improved LCD screen-based interface.

Each model comes supplied with a set of isolation wedges, and an additional open faceplate that can be used in place of the standard protective grille that covers the front of the drivers. The cabinets also feature integrated mounting points that support a range of wall and ceiling mounts.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the Rokit Generation Five series is yet to be confirmed.

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