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Latest Mike Senior course launched

Drum Compression Demystified!

Mike Senior Drum Compression Demystified online mixing course tutorial

Mixing guru and SOS contributor Mike Senior has announced the launch of his latest online course, which is available now through his Cambridge-MT website.

‘Drum Compression Demystified’ will guide users step-by-step through a series of practical drum mixing tasks, demonstrating ways to maximise the impact of compression in real-world project studio scenarios. One-shot samples, drum machines, loops and breaks, virtual drummers and live multitracked kits will all be covered, with a focus on achieving a commercial-grade mix without spending out on additional software. It will also help users to identify when compression is and isn’t the best tool for the job, and address alternative techniques that can do a better job of delivering the desired results.

Limited-Time Offers

Those who sign up for the course before 11:00 PST on 30 September 2023 will also gain access to Mike’s ‘Bass Mixing Hacks’ group-coaching live stream, where he’ll be sharing some of his top tips for keeping the low end of your mix in check, as well as answering direct questions about the course content, among other topics. And, if thats not enough, he is also currently running a Big Bundle offer, which provides access to all of the current Cambridge-MT video courses along with six hours of bonus webinar recordings at a saving of $150.

Here’s what’s included in The Big Bundle:

  • Drum Compression Demystified Premium Bundle: The full course package with all its additional bonus video modules. ($133 value)
  • Mix Magician's Toolkit: Mike’s flagship mixing course, full of powerful tools for achieving startling sonic transformations ($184 value)
  • Recording Secrets: Ensemble Recording Case Studies+: Full course featuring five advanced recording tutorials to accompany Mike’s book 'Recording Secrets For The Small Studio' ($65 value)
  • Multi-purpose Band Recording: Learn how to record a band in a way that maximises your mixdown options

Plus the following livestream webinars (usually $30 each)

  • Loudness Processing
  • 5 Plug-in Recommendations For Under $60 Each!
  • Mix-warming Tactics For Piano & Acoustic Guitar 
  • The Power Of Mutes 


  • Core Bundle: $107
  • Premium Bundle: $133
  • Big Bundle: $387 (usually $537)

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