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Learn to mix with Mike Senior

Mix Magician's Toolkit course now enrolling

Mike Senior

Anyone who has read SOS over the last 15 years ought to be very familiar indeed with the name of Mike Senior. Since 2007 he has written over 60 of our hugely popular Mix Rescue articles, founded the invaluable Cambridge-MT mixing resource website (home to nearly 500 multitrack recordings to practice mixing on, the Mix Review track analysis archive and more), and written the modern classic Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio — an essential read for any aspiring mix engineer.

Mix Magician's ToolkitIn short, what Mike doesn't know about mixing isn't worth knowing. And, as if he hasn't imparted enough knowledge over the years, he's just unveiled a new online mixing course, titled Mix Magician's Toolkit. In it, Mike shares the specialist techniques he's used over the years, via a self-study online course comprising 25 core modules, each containing:

  • A fully scripted video tutorial, with lots of 320kbps audio examples
  • The video's DAW project, so you can scrutinise every setting in detail
  • An accompanying article that further expands on the featured techniques
  • Dedicated audio-assignment files, together with specimen 'answer' versions created by Mike, so you can gauge your progress by comparing your work against his
  • A curated shortlist of downloadable multitrack projects, carefully chosen to test your newly acquired skills
  • Numerous podcast episodes, articles, and software recommendations

Once enrolled, you'll find additional guidance and support in the course's dedicated community area, where you can share questions and advice with other members. And if you join before March 30th, you'll also gain entry to four exclusive hour-long group-coaching sessions that Mike will be hosting over the coming months.

Mix Magician's Toolkit is priced at $184 for lifetime access. There's also a $273 Premium Bundle option, which includes a separate Multi-purpose Band Recording mini-course, as well as some one-to-one mix training with Mike himself. To find out more, check out the link below.

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