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Lewitt announce drum microphone kits

Entry-level and professional drum microphone sets

Lewitt Beatkit Pro professional drum microphone kit packages

Lewitt have announced the Beatkit and Beatkit Pro, two new drum microphone kits that offer complete packages for both entry-level and professional users. 


Lewitt say that the Beatkit is the perfect choice for entry-level users who are looking for the best possible sound quality on a tight budget. The package consists of a DTP 340 REX kick drum microphone, an MTP 440 DM snare drum microphone, and a matched pair of LCT 040 Match small-diaphragm capacitor microphones which can be used as overheads.

Beatkit Pro

The Beatkit Pro is a seven-piece kit designed for professional stage and studio use, and comes supplied in a sturdy case complete with mounts, windshields and clamps. The set contains a DTP 640 REX kick drum microphone, an MTP 440 DM for snare duties, three DTP 340 TT tom microphones, and a matched pair of LCT 140 Air small-diaphragm capacitor microphones for overheads.

Lewitt Beatkit Pro professional drum microphone kit packageThe Beatkit Pro consists of seven microphones, and is supplied in a hard case complete with clips, mounts and windshields.The DTP 640 REX is Lewitt’s flagship kick drum microphone, offering three switchable sound characteristics and exhibiting a cardioid polar pattern. Interestingly, the microphone is equipped with both dynamic and capacitor capsules, each with their own individual output.

The MTP 440 DM is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and a high SPL handling that makes it an ideal candidate for use on snare drums. The microphone has earned praise in the professional world, becoming the favourite choice of session drummer Kenny Aronoff (Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams).

The LCT 140 Air offers two switchable sound characteristics, as well as low-cut and attenuation switches. As well as an excellent transient response and balanced tonal character, Lewitt say that their matching process is one of the most precise in the industry, allowing each pair to deliver perfect recordings with accurate stereo imaging.

Pricing & Availability

The Beatkit and Beatkit Pro will both be available from September 2022, priced at $449£429 including VAT / €499 and $999£945 including VAT / €1099 respectively.

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