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Provides a faster and fairer way to monetise content content creator streaming platform is a new advert-free streaming platform that has been launched with the aim of giving content creators a fair chance for their talents to be noticed, and most importantly, to ensure that they are more quickly financially rewarded for their work.

The platform seeks to address long-standing issues in the creative industries, and to provide a faster and fairer way for content creators to monetise their content. Those who use to stream their content keep 80% of the income it generates, and all payments are made within 24 hours of their on-demand content or live stream taking place. It has already gained support from big names in the entertainment industry, including the backing of Got Talent and X Factor creator Simon Cowell, Prince’s former manager Kiran Sharma and BBC iPlayer founder Ben Lavender.

" has the potential to revolutionise an industry that has long neglected the needs of the community and the aspiring individuals forging their careers within streaming. The platform offers creators a fresh opportunity to not only showcase their talents, but to be more quickly financially awarded. At a time where the cost-of-living crisis is casting a shadow over the creative industries, entities like play a crucial role in shaping a brighter and more sustainable creative future." - Ben Lavender, Creator of BBC iPlayer and equity stakeholder of

The content creation industry is growing at a fast pace: currently, over 3.7 million new videos are added to YouTube  each day, along with an outstanding figure of 34 million TikTok uploads, making it incredibly difficult for creators to ensure their work is noticed on mainstream platforms. The payment models of such platforms also make it difficult for many creators to be compensated fairly for their work, despite predictions that the global video streaming market will be worth $416 billion by 2030. content creator streaming platform The new platform aims to provide content creators with a fairer way to showcase their talents and be financially rewarded for their work.

“Lounges has allowed me to tap into a fanbase I would not otherwise have had access to. During the pandemic, when everything closed down, there was a huge shift to online concerts and it helped me see that streamed concerts are a new, legitimate way to enjoy art. It’s a movement — just like when radio or TV started.” - Hannah Woolmer, violinist, composer and creator content creator streaming allows viewers to interact with their favourite artists and creators. To date, fans have access to over 2000 on-demand pieces of video content and have watched over 1400 live streams. The platform allows viewers to engage with their favourite artists and creators during live streams, creating the ambiance of a live concert and offering live chat, song requests and a tipping revenue model for creators.

The service currently caters to a range of creators from musicians to comedians and fitness trainers, and also offers a free streaming space in North London for creators to produce content, with professional cameras, audio and a sound and stream engineer on hand.

“There’s an enormous wealth of talent out there and we believe that whether you’ve got 100 or 100,000 followers, it shouldn’t impact your ability to earn revenue from your hard work and creativity. By eliminating the reliance on ads and introducing diverse fan funding options, our platform departs from the conventional ad-centric model that values creators solely based on ad views and follower count, rather than their genuine talent. We’ve created to democratise content creation, ensuring creators of all sizes across all interests have a fair platform to share their content” - Scott Green, co-founder and CEO

To find out more about the service and sign up as either a viewer or creator, take a look at the link below.

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