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Massenburg unveil Dynamic Range Controller

Plug-in offers transparent control over dynamic range

Massenburg MDWDRC2 Dynamic Range Controller peak RMS compressor limiter loudness normalisation filtering standard plug-in

Massenburg DesignWorks have released MDWDRC2, a dynamic processing plug-in which aims to set new standards for the dynamic control of digital audio. Utilising technology developed for the Massenburg GML 8900, the company say that the plug-in exhibits dramatically reduced artefacts when compared to traditional peak/average processors, even when applying significant amounts of gain reduction.

MDWDRC2 uses Massenburg DesignWorks’  unique VEA (Variable Exponent Averager) technology, which allows the processor to vary its detector’s sensitivity from RMS-responding to peak-responding, allowing it to respond to loudness in much the same way as a person’s ears and brain do. This approach allows the plug-in to deliver smooth dynamic adjustments which help to retain the detail of the source material.

The GUI offers separate Main (compressor) and Peak sections, each one equipped with its own Attack, Release, and Soft Knee controls. A Main parameter within the compressor section allows users to increase or decrease the maximum allowed compression level, whilst a maximum overall level can be set within the Peak section.

A master Ratio control then provides an overall ratio control after the Main and Peak sections have been compared and combined.  An Auto Release function is also present, offering a Sensitivity control which allows users to specify how much the signal must drop before the function activates, along with an Override parameter to set the rate at which it takes over from the Main and Peak settings.

A Gain/Loss meter displays both an overall level and indicates the amount of gain reduction being applied, and the plug-in also features built-in loudness normalisation filtering which conforms to the BS.1779-3 standard. A Bypass Gain feature is also present, allowing users to match the level of the plug-in’s bypassed and engaged levels for accurate A/B comparisons.


MDWDRC2 is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or Windows 10, and Macs running macOS X 10.14 or above. It is available in AAX Native, VST3, and AU formats, and requires an iLok account and dongle for authorisation.

Pricing & Availability

MDWDRC2 is available now, and is priced at $339 until 11 December 2022, after which the price will increase to $399. A 30-day trial licence is also available for those wishing to give the plug-in a try.

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