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New EQ from Massenburg Design Works

MDWEQ6-AAX for Pro Tools

Massenburg Design Works, founded by Grammy-winning producer engineer George Massenburg, are known for making some of the finest DSP-powered EQs around — and they’ve just announced a brand-new plug-in.

MDWEQ6-AAX is a parametric equaliser that can be adjusted in three different ways: via the traditional knobs on the top of its UI, numerically, or by dragging the nodes at the bottom of the window. Underneath the EQ’s response graph there’s also a high-resolution spectrum analyser to help you home in on trouble spots.

The new plug-in can be set to present either three or five frequency bands, each of which has fully adjustable Q and can be set anywhere between 10Hz and 41kHz. The highest and lowest bands can additionally be set to operate as low- or high-pass filters respectively, with slopes up to 24dB/octave.

MDWEQ6-AAX boasts a proprietary bit of tech called IsoPeak, which lets you ‘solo’ a specific EQ band to help you refine its centre frequency.

As its name suggests, MDWEQ6-AAX is available exclusively in Pro Tools’ plug-in format, but it can run in both Native and HDX DSP-powered modes. It costs $299 for a perpetual licence. Click below to watch MDW’s overview video.

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