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McDSP release APB plug-in v1.4

Native Apple Silicon support

McDSP APB update analogue processing DAW plug-in

McDSP have announced an update to their entire APB plug-in line up, which run alongside their APB-8 and APB-16 units to offer outboard analogue processing of audio tracks within a DAW.

The headline feature of v1.4 is that all of the plug-ins now run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel powered Macs. As the APB hardware drivers were updated with Apple Silicon support back in 2021, McDSP say that the release of the new plug-in versions means that the APB system will operate more efficiently than ever.

The release also takes advantage of some recent macOS improvements, delivering improved graphics rendering for both Intel and Apple Silicon machines running Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey operating systems.

For more information on how the APB system works, you can check out our review of the APB-16 in the November 2019 issue of SOS.


The latest versions of all of the APB plug-ins are available now on the downloads section of the McDSP website.

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