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Mixland debut Rubber Band Compressor

"The most flexible compressor ever made"

Mixland Rubber Band Compressor

Jesse Ray Ernster has worked on some of the biggest records of the last few years, including Burna Boy's African Giant and Planet Her by Doja Cat. And at age 29, he's also one of the youngest mix engineers to feature in our prestigious Inside Track series.

Not content with storming the charts, however, he's now gunning for a spot at the top of your plug-in menu, with a new release called the Rubber Band Compressor. Developed in partnership with Kiive Audio's Eddie Luccola, and released under their new Mixland brand, the Rubber Band Compressor is a VCA-style dynamics processor that “simulates the compression effects and physical response of pushing audio signal into a theoretical rubber band”.

Some of the controls are much as you'd expect to find on a compressor: attack, release, output (make-up gain) and mix (for parallel processing) are present, but the stars of the show are the two large dials labelled Tension and Snap. Three Tension settings are available, and the 'hands holding a rubber band' graphic reflects which setting is engaged. Snap, meanwhile, affects the virtual rubber band's behaviour, and when the plug-in is engaged, the graphic animates to show you how it's reacting to your audio.

We're in more familiar territory with the two controls on the left. The Crunch knob introduces distortion, and is modelled on Class-A analogue circuitry, while Tilt is a broad-brush tone control, combining both low and high shelving in a single dial.

The Rubber Band Compressor, which Jesse Ray Ernster has described as “the most flexible compressor ever made”, is available to buy now for the no-brainer intro pricing of just $19.99 (the special offer runs throughout November, after which it returns to its normal price of $29.99). Check out the video below to hear it in action!

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