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Moog release Etherwave Theremin

Classic gesture-operated instrument gets CV outputs

Moog Etherwave Theremin

A couple of years ago, Moog marked the Theremin's 100th birthday with the limited-edition Claravox Centennial Theremin, a premium instrument employing polished brass antennae and a walnut cabinet. As you might expect for a limited release, it was a little on the pricey side, but now Moog have released a more accessible version in the form of the Etherwave Theremin.

Unlike the Claravox, the new Etherwave doesn't boast an integrated synthesizer; rather, Moog have focused on staying as true to the sound of the original Theremin as possible. In their words: “The new Etherwave Theremin focuses on the preservation of Bob Moog’s legendary Theremin circuits to retain all the charm and character that made its predecessors so unique and sought after.”

However, they have added a number of modern conveniences, which should make the new Etherwave particularly appealing to Theremin novitiates, as well as those who already own synths and electronic instruments. These additions include improved bass response and stability in the lower registers, a “pitch preview” mode that lets you temporarily mute the main output but still hear your pitching via headphones, removable antennae for storage and transport, a quick-release mic stand adaptor, and a CV output section that lets you turn your gestures into gate, pitch and volume control signals for use with analogue and modular synths.

The Moog Etherwave Theremin is priced at $899, and a custom-made, tear-resistant carry case is also available, priced at $139.

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