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Multiband X6 plug-in from Devious Machines

User-friendly approach to multi-band compression

Devious Machines Multiband X6 multi-band compressor expander plug-in automatic threshold level matching

Recognising that many users are discouraged by the potential complexity of multi-band compression, Devious Machines set about creating a plug-in which could redefine the experience. The result, Multiband X6, aims to make multi-band dynamics processing more approachable and enjoyable, whilst still providing the comprehensive feature set and sound quality demanded by serious audio professionals.

The plug-in is capable of offering up to six bands of compression, but provides users with some helpful features such as macro controls and an automatic threshold setting that allow them to quickly apply some processing across all frequencies before digging deeper into the individual settings for each band. Smart gain compensation and automatic level matching then help to maintain a consistent signal level whilst adjusting the more in-depth settings for each frequency band.

A choice of three different compression modes are available: Smooth, Crunch and Punch, each of which are said to offer their own distinct musical character and provide varying degrees of aggression, with the last option adding a small amount of saturation to loud peaks. Devious Machines say that whilst Multiband X6 has the capacity to emulate the sorts of sounds associated with iconic compressor designs from the past, its sonic palette extends much further and is capable of delivering its own unique, modern sound.

In addition to the compression modes, the plug-in is also equipped with an Expand setting, which allows it to function as an expander for situations where it is desirable to increase a signals dynamic range rather than reduce it.

Those wishing to dig even deeper into the Multiband X6’s settings can do so using an additional advanced settings window, which can be displayed by clicking a cog icon at the bottom of the macro controls. Opening the window provides access to options such as different processing modes (Stereo, Mid and Side), internal or external side-chain selection and filtering options, switchable linear phase operation, a lookahead setting and up to 4x oversampling.

The in-depth range of options promise to make the plug-in a versatile processor that excels at a wide variety of tasks, from levelling out vocals and creating hard-hitting drum sounds, to adding the finishing touches to subgroups and entire mixes. It has also been designed to offer low latency performance, and has been optimised to ensure minimal CPU usage. 


Muiltiband X6 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.11 and higher. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

Multiband X6 is available now, priced at $99.99£79.99 including VAT.

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