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NAMM 2016: Electro-Harmonix Lester G & Lester K (Video)

Rotary speaker emulation pedals for guitar & keyboard

The concept of the EHX Lester G and Lester K is to let you carry the power of a vintage rotary speaker in without breaking your back... or the bank. Both pedals have been designed to re-create the essence of running your instrument through the real deal and feature control over fast and slow switchable speed settings, tube-emulated overdrive, and balance between the horn and rotor tones.

The Lester G has addition control over the acceleration between the two speed settings and includes a compression circuit to add organ-like sustain and some extra bark and bite to the effect.

EHX President and Founder, Mike Matthews, stated: “The Lester G is the ultimate rotary speaker effect. The Lester K is great for keyboards and, if a guitarist already owns a compressor, they can also use theLester K to get really close to the Lester G.”

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