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NAMM 2021: PreSonus release Analog Effects Collection

Studio One plug-ins now available in any DAW

PreSonus Analog Effects Collection

Studio One comes with a suite of excellent vintage-inspired effects, but until now they've only been available for use in PreSonus' own DAW. That's changed with the NAMM release of the Analog Effects Collection, which comprises the Analog Delay, Analog Chorus, Tricomp, Rotor and Red Light Distortion processors familiar to Studio One users, but repackaged into the ubiquitous AU, VST and AAX plug-in formats.

PreSonus Analog DelayDespite its Space Echo-esque knobs, Analog Delay emulates the bucket-brigade delays of the '70s, but adds stereo operation, pitch modulation, tempo sync'ing, and an adjustable drive section.

The Analog Chorus plug-in is loosely based on Roland's classic CE-1, but again adds a stereo effect (here with adjustable width), and the choice of adding anywhere between one and three chorused voices.

Red Light Distortion, meanwhile, is a distortion processor with a six-strong menu of algorithms. It has a two-band EQ for tone-shaping, a Mix control for parallel processing, and separate dials for Drive and Distortion.

PreSonus Analog ChorusRotor is PreSonus' take on the Leslie cabinet, and has independently adjustable speed controls for the horn and woofer. It also models the complex sound you get from braking and accelerating the speaker rotation on the real thing.

Finally, the Tricomp is a three-band compressor that appears to pay tribute to the Drawmer 1973. In addition to its multiband dynamic taming, it sports a Saturation control for thickening up at the output stage.

The Analog Effects Collection is available now, with each plug-in costing just $19.95. Alternatively, you can pick up all five together for $79.95. To get an idea of what they're capable of, check out our December 2020 Studio One workshop, where we explored some of the many sonic options on offer from Analog Delay.

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