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New Nautilus AT workstations from Korg

Nautilus line-up gains aftertouch capabilities

Korg Nautilus AT synthesizer keyboard workstation aftertouch

Korg have announced the release of the Nautilus 61AT and Nautilus 88AT, a pair of new synthesizer workstations which extend the performance capabilities of the previous generation thanks to an aftertouch-capable keybed.

The 61-key version is equipped with a light and responsive synthesizer keybed, whilst the 88-key variant employs a premium weighted RH3 keyboard which features a four-stage weighted hammer action keybed. The latter boasts gradually weighted keys, with lower notes feeling heavier than higher notes, and promises to deliver an incredibly realistic playing experience that will impress even the most discerning of players.

Korg Nautilus 61AT synthesizer workstation aftertouch keybedThe Nautilus 61AT.In addition to the hardware upgrades, the built-in sound library has also been modified, with the range’s existing patches updated to include aftertouch-controlled effects and offer the extended expressive capabilities right out of the box. Korg say that the combination of the new keybeds, aftertouch and the existing Dynamics knob unlocks the full potential of Nautilus’ nine sound engines and powerful performance and production features.

Upgrade Kits

Korg have also announced that these latest features are not exclusive to new users: an upgrade service is being offered to existing owners, allowing them to have the new hardware and software installed on their original Nautilus instruments by Korg service engineers.

To find out more about the instrument itself, check out our review of the original Nautilus from SOS April 2021.

Korg Nautilus 88AT synthesizer workstation weighted hammer action aftertouch keybedThe Nautilus 88AT is equipped with a four-stage weighted hammer action keybed.

Pricing & Availability

The new workstations are available to order now, with exact shipping dates to be confirmed. Pricing information is as follows:

  • Nautilus 61AT: £2075
  • Nautilus 88AT: £2750
  • Nautilus 61 AT upgrade kit: £429
  • Nautilus 88 AT upgrade kit: £599

Prices include VAT.

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