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Coppersound Pedals reveal Kingpin & Iris

Mini Series gains overdrive and compressor models

Coppersound Pedals Kingpin germanium FET overdrive Iris optical compressor

Coppersound Pedals have launched two new effects pedals that join their Mini Series line-up, Kingpin and Iris. The first is a two-stage overdrive that uses germanium diodes, and the second is an optical compressor which offers a simple control set and focuses on ease of use.


Kingpin is a two-stage overdrive that achieves its effect by clipping a pair of germanium diodes placed between two FET gain stages, one MOSFET and one JFET, with three levels of clipping available thanks to a three-way toggle switch. The results are said to range from subtle to aggressive, with even the more extreme sounds still retaining depth and definition. A Volume knob then provides a wealth of gain after the clipping stage, allowing the pedal to function as a ‘dirty boost’ effect if required.

The pedal features a mechanical true bypass, and will accept voltages between 9 and 18V from a centre-negative DC power supply, drawing a maximum current of 10mA. Input and output connections are, of course, provided on quarter-inch TS sockets.


Iris is built around a streamlined optical compressor circuit, and aims to cater to users who wish to level out the dynamics of their signal without needing to dig into complicated controls. Like Kingpin, the pedal is equipped with just a three way toggle switch and a single Volume knob. The switch offers three fixed levels of compression which are said to range from “sweet and subtle” to “full-on squish”, whilst the second simply provides a make-up gain control.

A mechanical true bypass is present once again, along with quarter-inch TS input and output connections, and Iris will draw 20mA of current from a 9V centre-negative DC power supply.

Pricing & Availability

The Kingpin and Iris are both available now, priced at $99 and $129 respectively.

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