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CopperSound introduce CopperSound DIY

A collection of breadboarding tools for hobbyists and pros alike

CopperSound DIY

Effects pedal manufacturer CopperSound introduced CopperSound DIY this week. Offering some unique breadboarding tools for prototyping circuits, CopperSound target effect pedal and electronics enthusiasts with this release.

Integrated breadboards form the centrepiece of CopperSound DIY. Aimed at making building prototype circuits for audio applications as easy as possible, these breadboards come with integrated audio and power jacks, as well as a bypass switch and status LED. Substitution Boxes are a series of useful tools to help designers quickly and easily select between different component values. The first three offerings will consist of resistors, film caps and diodes. The CopperSound DIY range also includes breadboard adaptors, designed to allow commonly sized pedal components to fit into standard breadboards, a unique solder dispenser as well as pre-cut and stripped wire.


CopperSound DIY is available now with prices ranging from $5 to $89.

You can find out more about the range on the CopperSound Pedals website.

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