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Melda debut DreamMachines drum software

Sample-based virtual drum machine and MSoundFactory instrument

Melda Productions Dream Machines

DreamMachines is a huge collection of drum machine samples for MDrummer as well as a premium module for MSoundFactory, Melda Production’s modular virtual instrument. Based around a typical drum machine layout, this virtual instrument features six drum voices routed to a stereo output, or individually sent to six tracks in a DAW using MSoundFactory6out.

DreamMachine allows users to select from a library of over 500 samples recorded from legendary drum machines. Each drum can be loaded with a separate A and B sample, with a blend control allowing precise mixing between the two samples. Both A and B samples can be processed separately with controls on the UI for pitch, decay, filter and time. A master control section allows for compression, basic EQ and saturation effects to be applied to all six drum tracks at once.


As their first so-called Premium Instrument, Melda Production offer DreamMachines for free to every MSoundFactory and MSoundFactory LE user. The instrument may also be downloaded separately for an introductory price of £17 / €19 to run with the free MSoundFactoryPlayer.

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