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New Universal Audio products

DCS Remote Pre and 2LA2 announced by UA
The Remote Preamp is the first product in Universal Audio’s new Desktop Console System (DCS) range, which has been co-designed by Scott and Rob Silfvast, the original founders of the Euphonix brand.

The DCS Remote Preamp combines two ‘console-grade’ preamps, monitoring facilities, and a neat desktop unit, to give the user a high-quality signal path with all the benefits of a portable remote control. The preamps (which are built into the steel-cased base unit along with all connections, electronics and power supplies) can be used in dual-mono, stereo, or Mid & Side modes, and you can monitor the decoded M&S signal while recording it.

There’s also a comprehensive monitoring section with built-in artist reverb, effectively removing the need for the engineer to apply a separate hardware or software reverb to an auxilliary send, for example. Three monitor inputs can be mixed together to form the cue mix, and a talkback section can be used by the engineer when the remote is located in the control room.

Prices and shipping dates are to be confirmed, but keep an eye on Source Distribution's web site for the latest news.

Also new from Universal Audio is the 2LA2, a 2U rackmount device with a pair of Universal Audio's version of the much-loved LA2 ‘levelling amplifiers’ built in. Rather than being a clone of the original Teletronix version, Universal Audio claim that it's an ‘enhanced stereo evolution of its ancestor’, and its styling is noticably different to the original white-faced, hinge-fronted version, with larger knobs, a silver and black front face, and a purple power light. To enable stereo operation, the new model has a link switch, while additional features include a global bypass switch, for easy A/B'ing, and limit/compress and fast/slow controls on each channel.

Again, prices and availability are still to be confirmed, but we expect it to become available in the first quarter of 2007.

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