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New Zoom multi-effects processors

G2 Four & G2X Four guitar pedals

Zoom G2 Four G2X Four multi-effects guitar pedal processors reverb modulation distortion amp cabinet simulator

Zoom have announced the release of the G2 Four and G2X Four, two new multi-effects guitar processors. Both devices offer over 100 effects, along with 22 faithfully reproduced classic amp models powered by the company’s new Multi-Layer IR technology, as well as boasting iOS and Android app integration and built-in audio interface functionality.

Multi-Layer IR & Effects

All the amp models included promise to recreate the tonal characteristics and feel of playing through real classic amps and cabinets. Developed using Zoom’s Multi-Layer IR technology, impulse responses have been captured at three different volume levels, which are layered together and activated based on the volume of the user’s guitar. Over 100 effects are provided, including reverbs, distortions, modulation effects, and more, up to seven of which are able to run concurrently. The devices come loaded with 250 factory presets, each of which aim to recreate the sound of iconic songs from the 1950s through to today.


A newly developed navigation switch system enables each unit to be operated entirely by foot, allowing players to make adjustments to their sound as they play. Four rotary encoders are also provided, which offer quick control over key effects parameters and output settings. The user interface is also of a new design, and aims to make editing of parameters and effects chain orders quick and intuitive. The pedals can also be connected to Zoom’s Guitar Lab app for iOS and Android, which provides an expanding patch and effects library.


The pedals are designed be connected to amps, or directly to studio monitors or PA systems, with Line and Amp modes selectable upon powering up the device ensuring that the appropriate modelling processing is applied or bypassed. A built-in 80-second looper is included, and an on-board rhythm machine offers 68 beats that cover genres ranging from metal, to blues, and more. The G2X Four also comes with a built-in expression pedal which can be used for effects such as volume swells and wah control. USB connectivity also allows both devices to be used as audio interfaces for direct recording to a computer or compatible mobile device.

Key Specs

Each unit provides an input on a quarter-inch TS connector, an additional pair of which offer a stereo output. A headphone output is present on a 3.5mm TRS connector, and connectivity to a computer is taken care of by a USB-C port. The G2 Four measures 145 mm x 184 mm x 71 mm, and the slightly larger G2 Four measures 150 x 274 x 71 mm.

Pricing & Availability

Both pedals will be shipping in December 2022, with the G2 Four priced at $199£234 including VAT / €272.51, and the G2X Four costing $229£264 including VAT / €308.21.

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