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NI launch Reaktor 6 with modular 'Blocks'

Quickly create custom synths and delve into free education package

Native Instruments look set to demystify the Reaktor experience with version 6. The headline new feature is so-called ‘blocks’ —  a set of diverse modules allowing users to create custom synths in the same way a modular synthesizer is patched. It also comes in at a new, lower price of £169/$199 (education and upgrade pricing also available), making it the most cost-effective way of getting into custom device building to date.

Reaktor 6 comes bundled with 30 Blocks in several categories, each with a specific purpose. Bento Box Blocks represent the core components of a modular synth setup. Boutique Blocks take inspiration from custom hardware that bring advanced sound shaping to the world of modular synthesis. Digilog Blocks create complex rhythms, process notes, and provide structure in patches. NI All-Star Blocks are single rack-style components of Native Instruments synths such as Rounds and Monark. The world of Blocks will continue to grow as the vibrant Reaktor community builds and shares new Blocks and Blocks patches – all available for free online at NI’s Reaktor User Library. 

If you’re new to Reaktor or haven’t got your head around the deeper levels of the ecosystem, online education prover Kadenze are here to help with a university-level course for the Reaktor community. The course offers freely available content, giving users of all levels a way to expand their skillset when working in Reaktor. Students will receive an in-depth look into various audio synthesis methods, including additive, subtractive, sampling, wavetable, physical modeling, and granular synthesis, as well as the various types of modulation synthesis. Users can get full accreditation for their studies at additional cost. The first course content will be available in time for the release of Reaktor 6, with more to follow. 

There are even more additions for advanced users, so check out the Reaktor website for more info.

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