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Novation release The Story Of The Launchpad Lightshow

Documentary examines the development of Launchpad performance videos

If you haven’t seen a Launchpad Lightshow, you haven’t been on the internet. In a new documentary film, Novation tell the story of the talented creators who build, refine and record their intricate performance videos.

Featuring interviews with Exige (AUS), Kaskobi (UK), Madeon (FR), M4SONIC (AUS), Nev (US) and R!ot (US), the creators recall their personal milestones and give their perspective on the scene. They discuss the early days of the Lightshow, the inherent limitations of the original Launchpad, and how Novation’s technical advances allowed them to make ever more complex performances. They also discuss the tensions in the scene — the accusations and implications of people ‘faking it’ by miming to or pre-programming their LED shows — but also the shared goal of progressing the scene onward for the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

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