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Novation unveil AFX Station

Bass Station 2: the Aphex Twin edition

Novation AFX Station

Novation have teamed up with IDM legend Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, to produce a special edition of their modern classic monosynth, the Bass Station 2.

The Novation AFX Station employs the same hardware as the Bass Station 2, but with massively expanded sonic potential thanks to new firmware designed in collaboration with the electronica pioneer. The headline feature of ‘AFX Mode’ is the ability for each key to essentially have its own distinct patch, allowing you to access a huge range of bass, lead and percussive sounds instantly, or even put entire tracks together using just the AFX Station and its onboard sequencer.

Other added features include new fixed-duration envelopes, extended control over the sub-oscillator, the ability to have individual oscillator pitches glide independently, and also to set the number of times an envelope retriggers.

Aphex Twin isn’t the only artist to contribute, however: the new instrument also comes pre-loaded with patches by artists including Noyze Lab, Perplex On, Richard Devine, r beny and Lightbath. And of course, all the original Bass Station 2 features remain present as well, and you can read about those in depth in our online review. The AFX Station is on sale now, and costs £399.99 in the UK or $439.99 in the States. Click below to see and hear the new AFX Station in action.

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