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Oberheim’s OB-X8 gets an OS update

New waveshape options, additional filter type & more

Oberheim OB-X8 analogue synthesizer module vintage OB-X OB-Xa OB-8

It’s been just over two years since Oberheim unveiled the OB-X8, a flagship instrument that brings together the best elements of some of their most popular classics. Owners of the acclaimed polysynth will be pleased to hear that as of today (2 July 2024), they can download a free v2.0 OS update that will kit their instrument out with a whole host of powerful new features.

With the latest version of the instrument’s OS installed, users will be able to select multiple waveshapes in each oscillator to produce more complex timbral variations, as well as gaining a new four-pole low-pass filter option that promises to deliver richer bass sounds at high resonance than any previous Oberheim synth. Keen sound designers will enjoy independent LFO modulation per VCO, offering greater control over mixing waveform textures, and additional rhythmic control is being introduced thanks to a clock-sync mode for the onboard arpeggiator. 

The update also brings with it a new binaural mode that offers immersive stereo imaging, expanded Split and Double memory locations, a poly chain feature for seamlessly connecting and controlling multiple instruments, and finally, enhanced expressive capabilities thanks to the introduction of MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) support.

“At Oberheim, we have always worked hard at finding clever ways to bring more useful features to our instruments. It’s unusual to add a new filter type and oscillator waveshapes to an analogue synth via a software update, but our team is sharp and tenacious — always striving to bring genuine value to the discerning musicians who love our instruments.” - Tom Oberheim


The latest version of the OB-X8 firmware is available for all users to download now.

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