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VSL introduce Synchron Solo Violin & Cello

Synchron Series gains two solo strings libraries

VSL Synchron Solo Violin Cello orchestral sample library

VSL’s Synchron Series is an expansive sample library collection that captures each section of an orchestra in painstaking detail, and also extends to the likes of organs and vocal ensembles, all recorded at the company’s own Synchron Stage Vienna. The latest addition to the range adds some soloists to the mix, capturing performances by the Synchron Stage Orchestra’s concertmaster, Marina Dimitrova, and first chair cellist, Florian Eggner. 

Synchron Solo Violin and Synchron Solo Cello have been recorded on Stage a of VSL’s renowned recording facility, allowing the new libraries to be blended seamlessly with the rest of the Synchron Series instalments. A huge selection of articulations are provided, with short notes including a variety of spiccatos, staccatos, détachés, ricochet, saltando and more, while long notes benefit from a selection of different vibrato styles, attacks, releases and slides. The legatos collection is equally well specified, boasting normal, agile, slurred, portamento and lyrical variants, and techniques such as sforzato, crescendos, diminuendos, tremolos, trills, harmonics, pizzicatos and col legno deliver a wealth of tonal options and expressive capabilities. 

As with all of the Synchon Series offerings, both libraries are available in Standard and Full versions, with the only difference being the amount of microphone signals provided — and of course, the amount of disk space required for the additional samples that necessitates. Those who opt for Standard get a choice of four mic positions: single close and mid mono mics, and a pair of signals that provide the left/right and centre of a Decca Tree array. Full increases the count to 11, offering a pair of additional close mic options, a second mid mic and a trio of room options aimed at those working in surround and immersive formats.

VSL say that to better match the capabilities of the instruments, a new Crossfade Editor has been added to Synchron Player, allowing users to seamlessly blend and layer two or more articulations and fine-tune the transitions between them. The Sequence Controller function from Vienna Instruments Pro has also been introduced, which can be used to automate switching between two or more articulations. It’s not just users of the new libraries that benefit, as the company have also made the new features available in all Synchron Player-based products. 


Synchron Solo Violin and Cello each run in VSL's Synchron Player, which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.14 and above. VST, VST3, AU and AAX versions are available. Disk space requirements are as follows:

  • Solo Violin Standard: 16.4GB
  • Solo Violin Full: 25.1GB
  • Solo Cello Standard: 14.7GB
  • Solo Cello Full: 22.6GB

Pricing & Availability

Synchron Solo Violin and Cello are available now, and are currently being offered at the following introductory prices until 31 July 2024:

  • Solo Violin Standard: €165 (usually €220)
  • Solo Violin Full: €230 (usually €310)
  • Solo Cello Standard: €165 (usually €220)
  • Solo Cello Full: €230 (usually €310)

Those who purchase both libraries during the introductory offer period will save a further 10%.

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