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Arturia announce AudioFuse X8 IN & OUT

AudioFuse range gains ADAT expander units

Arturia AudioFuse X8 IN OUT ADAT line-level audio interface expander

The newest arrivals to Arturia’s AudioFuse series offer a convenient way to add some additional line-level I/O to ADAT-equipped interfaces, providing a neat solution for those looking to expand their studio and live setups. The AudioFuse X8 IN and AudioFuse X8 OUT come loaded with eight channels of A-D and D-A conversion respectively, making it possible to add eight additional line-level channels in either direction and supporting sample rates up to 96kHz. 

The new units occupy a 1U half-rack chassis — a rackmount kit is available to mount two side by side — and house a set of eight quarter-inch TRS sockets along with a pair of ADAT ports and a BNC Word Clock connection. The X8 IN features a set of front-panel buttons that allow users to apply a pad to each input channel, link adjacent channels so that they can be adjusted as a single stereo channel, and select sample rates ranging from 44.1 to 96 kHz. Both units can then be configured to synchronise via either their ADAT or Word Clock connections. 

Arturia AudioFuse X8 IN OUT ADAT line-level audio interface expanderThe rear panel of the AudioFuse X8 OUT.

The obvious companion for the new expanders is of course Arturia’s existing AudioFuse range, although they can be used alongside any ADAT-equipped unit to hook up additional instruments or outboard gear, as well as providing a convenient way to drive additional speakers for those looking to expand into surround and immersive monitoring formats. The outputs on the X8 OUT are also DC-coupled, meaning that they can be used to send CV signals to modular synth rigs. 

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the AudioFuse X8 IN and AudioFuse X8 OUT is yet to be announced, we'll update this story as soon as the details becomes available.

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