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Orchestral Tools release Berlin Strings 2.0

New 'Capsule' adds polyphonic keyswitching and more

Orchestral Tools has released Berlin Strings 2.0  for Kontakt. It now features Capsule, the new centerpiece of their Berlin Series.

Capsule uses Kontakt's scripting engine to add features like polyphonic keyswitching in Multi-Articulation Patches, and the possibility to apply True Legato intervals to any long notes. Capsule is designed to be customizable to a user's needs and to fit in every workflow situation.

In addition to Capsule, the update contains new, beautifully-sounding spiccato exposed patches for all instruments.


  • Apply True Legato to any long notes.
  • (e.g. Trills, Tremolos or Portatos with True Legato).
  • Multi Articulation Patches with custom keyswitch maps.
  • Single Articulation Patches.
  • Polyphonic Keyswitching.
  • Instead of just switching between one or another articulation, a user is able.
  • to stack them on top of each other to morph, blend or switch them vertically.
  • 2D morphing of up to 4 articulations simultaneously.
  • Niente Option (let the sample begin with complete silence on the lowest mod wheel values.
  • Custom Round Robin Rules.
  • MIDI CC Table.
  • organize all assigned MIDI CCs and use the integrated interpreter curves.
  • Share patch settings with other Capsule patches (including assigned MIDI CCs).
  • It is now easier and faster to transfer the settings of one patch to an entire Berlin Template.

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