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Overloud release Sculptube

Effects plug-in adds valve-style harmonics to your audio

Italian audio software developers Overloud have released Sculptube, the latest addition to the Gems series of effects plug-ins. 

Sculptube features both triode and pentode simulated tubes using the company’s fourth generation DSP technology. There are three different tube configurations available, each providing a different sound, too. One of the key selling points of Sculptube is its flexibility, with the ability to warm up tracks with analogue-style coloration, create tube-like distortion, and excite your signals by adding simulated tube harmonics.

Sculptube also give you options to adjust the drive and bias of the tubes, so you can control the amount of distortion to fit your sound. In addition, a parallel control adjusts the mix of wet and dry signal. A built-in high-pass and low-pass filter give additional control — especially useful for parallel configurations.

Overloud boast an incredibly low CPU load with the ability to run more than 1500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina. Utilities such as multi-level undo/redo, A/B comparison and scribble strips for note-taking round out the feature set.

Overloud Sculptube is available now at the introductory price of £79.95 / €89.00 – 35% off the normal SRP.

 For full details and to download the free demo visit

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