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PreSonus Studio One 6.1 arrives

Mastering, video & lyrics enhancements

PreSonus Studio One 6.1 Professional Artist Prime Sphere DAW software upgrade update

PreSonus have today announced the release of Studio One 6.1. This first major update to the latest version of the company’s popular DAW software expands the capabilities of some key features introduced in version 6, as well as enhancing existing tools, updating the dedicated mastering features and providing full compatibility with the Studio One Remote application.


Project Templates are now available for Mastering Projects, allowing users to quickly change their working environment by switching between different templates. This much-requested feature makes it possible to save and recall mastering effects chains (including external hardware effects that are connected via Pipeline), and it is also possible to store predefined album metadata as part of the template.

Continuing with mastering-focused improvements, PreSonus have also added a new Album Mode option to the Loudness section of the Digital Release window. When selected, this mode will cause loudness values to be analysed on a per-track basis, with the resulting optimisation being applied equally to all tracks in order to preserve the relative level differences rather than setting each individual track to the same target loudness.


Version 6 introduced the Global Video Track, allowing those working to picture to quickly and easily work on multiple video versions using an unlimited number of clips. Version 6.1 extends the capabilities further, with users now able to access an optional large timecode display, which can be configured to show frames, bars, seconds or samples, and is placed below the video viewer to keep the image clear of distracting overlays. It is also now possible to import video files using the Drop Zone for select Smart Templates. Dragging in single or multiple clips will now result in them being placed on the Video Track in sequence when a session opens.


The Global Lyrics Track introduced in version 6 has been updated with some powerful new features, including Ripple Edit support, which allows users to swap and rearrange words, lines or whole sections with a single move. Alternate lyrics can now be managed inside of a song in the same way as music using Scratch Pads. It is now possible to edit lyrics directly from the Show page, and a new Lyrics View in Performance Mode allows a computer or tablet to be used as a teleprompter, displaying a large scrolling view of a song’s lyrics in sync with the music.

Other Additions

Studio One Remote DAW control application Android iOS WindowsThe Studio One Remote application, which is available on Android, iOS and Windows, is now fully compatible with the latest version of Studio One.A number of other enhancements and features have also been implemented with the update, including the creation of custom colours within the colour picker, and the introduction of custom Macro Toolbar pages. A pink noise algorithm has been added to the Vocoder effect, and a new solo mode is now available for shelf filters within the Pro EQ3 plug-in.

Instead of opening the Export window to view the exact length of a selected loop, the new Loop Length Display feature in the transport readout tells you in an instant. Also new, both Audio Events and Instrument Parts now offer an optional variable Sync Point allowing you to add an additional timing reference if the transient or peak is anywhere in between the start and end points. Sphere members can now receive Live Collaboration Notifications when a collaborator updates/edits or comments on your work.

The Studio One Remote application, which is available on Android, iOS and Windows, is now fully compatible with the latest 6.1 version of the DAW, offering tighter integration and supporting all of the software’s new features.


Studio One 6.1 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.14 and above.

Pricing & Availability

Owners of Studio One 6 and PreSonus Sphere members are able to update for free. For those wishing to purchase Studio One 6 or upgrade from a previous version, pricing is as follows:

  • PreSonus Sphere: $14.95 / month or $164.95 / year
  • Studio One Professional: $399.95
  • Studio One Artist: $99.95
  • Studio One Pro-to-Pro Upgrade: $149.95
  • Studio One Artist-to-Pro Upgrade: $299.95
  • Studio One Artist-to-Artist Upgrade: $49.95
  • Studio One Professional 30-Day Demo: Free*
  • Studio One Prime: Free*

*Prime and 30-Day Professional Demo not available at launch

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