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AIR release Vocal Effects Collection

Vocal tuning, distortion & harmony/unison generators

AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Doubler Harmonizer Tuner Distortion plug-in bundle

AIR Music Technology have announced the release of the Vocal Effects Collection, a bundle of premium effects plug-ins based on the vocal processors released for Akai Pro’s MPC instruments. Four plug-ins are included in the collection, offering pitch-correction and distortion effects along as well as allowing users to generate harmonies and unison parts from a single vocal track.  

AIR Vocal Tuner

AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Tuner pitch-correction plug-in AIR Vocal Tuner’s automatic pitch-correction is capable of delivering a wide range of modern vocal sounds. Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, the plug-in offers everything from subtle, discrete pitch-correction though to obvious robotic-style tones. Users are able to set the vocal range that their source material is in, and use the Detection parameter to define how sensitive the plug-in is to incorrect notes.

Target keys and scales for the tuning process can be selected from a pair of menus, and the plug-in’s reaction time can be set anywhere between 1 and 1000ms. The overall reference pitch can also be adjusted, and offers values ranging from 420 to 460 Hz.

AIR Vocal Harmonizer

AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Harmonizer plug-in harmony generatorCapable of intelligently generating up to four-part harmonies, AIR Vocal Harmonizer aims to provide users with the perfect tool to help their melodies stand out. The plug-in is equipped with the same key, scale, voice range and reference pitch functionality as AIR Vocal Tuner, but allows users to dive deeper with each harmony part boasting its own independent level, pan and EQ controls.

Formant controls also allow the characteristics of each generated voice to be adjusted separately, and yet more variation can be introduced thanks to a per-voice delay parameter, which can either be set to a fixed time value (between 1 and 1000ms) or tempo-synced to a range of divisions.

AIR Vocal Distortion

AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Distortion overdrive plug-inAIR Vocal Distortion is described as a one-stop shop for bringing character to vocal takes. Subtle saturation inspired by the tones of vintage mic preamps or highly overdriven effects are all possible, and the overall tone of the effect can be shaped with a selection of adjustable parameters.

Drive and Output controls allow users to specify the amount of distortion applied whilst maintaining their gain structure, and a Mix control allows the dry signal to be blended back in with the processed sound. Both high- and low-pass filters are present, with the former offering a range of 20Hz to 1kHz, and the latter capable of operating anywhere between 500Hz and 20kHz. Each of the filters is also equipped with its own slope control, which provides drop-off settings of -6, -12, and -24dB.

AIR Vocal Doubler

AIR Music Technology Vocal Effects Collection Doubler plug-in double tracking unisonThe final offering in the collection allows users to generate up to eight additional voices from a single vocal track, facilitating everything from simple doubled vocal effects without the need to track twice through to thick-sounding unison ensembles.

Independent level controls are provided for the original and doubled vocals, and a Stereo Spread parameter sets how far the generated voices are spaced across the stereo image. Some minor tuning differences between voices can then be introduced thanks to a Pitch Variation section equipped with Depth, Rate and Timing controls.


AIR Vocal Effects Collection is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS versions 10.15.7 to 12.4. VST, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available, and support for MPC standalone and desktop systems running software version 2.11 or later is also provided.

Pricing & Availability

AIR Vocal Effects Collection is available now, and is currently (23 March 2023) being offered for an introductory price of $79£79, reduced from $199£199. Prices include VAT.

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