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PreSonus update Eris monitor line-up

New Eris, Studio & Pro ranges announced

PreSonus Eris Studio Pro stereo surround immersive Dolby Atmos monitoring systems

PreSonus have announced the next generation of their Eris studio monitor line-up, which offers a total of nine monitors and two subwoofers across three new ranges that aim to cater to everyone from casual creators to professional studios.


PreSonus Eris 3.5 studio monitorsThe smallest of the new models, the Eris 3.5.The entry-level Eris range comprises five models aimed at music production, video editing, gaming and listening applications. There are four two-way designs of increasing size, as well as an eight-inch subwoofer that can help to extend the low end down to 30Hz.All of the models feature onboard low- and high-frequency EQ controls to fine-tune their response, as well as boasting built-in headphone amplifiers.

Balanced line-level sources can be connected via TRS sockets, with unbalanced sources supported via RCA connectors. There is also an additional unbalanced 3.5mm stereo input on the front panel. With the exception of the Eris 3.5, they are all equipped with wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Eris Models:

  • Eris 3.5
  • Eris 3.5 BT
  • Eris 4.5 BT
  • Eris 5 BT
  • Eris Sub 8 BT

Eris Studio

PreSonus Eris Studio 8 monitorThe Eris Studios come in three sizes, and all employ an EBM waveguide.Said to set a new standard for compact studio monitors, the Eris Studio range employ a woven composite low-frequency driver and one-inch silk-dome high-frequency driver, offering a wide ‘sweet spot’ thanks to the use of an EBM (Elliptical Boundary Modeled) waveguide. A front-firing port helps to deliver impressive low-end performance for the size of the cabinets — the larger Studio 8, for example, extends down to 35Hz — whilst a set of Acoustic Tuning controls help to ensure the speakers can be adjusted to best suit the room. Continuously variable ±6dB high- and mid-frequency controls are joined by high-pass filter options of 80 and 100Hz and an Acoustic Space switch, which offers -2 and -4dB controls to combat low-frequency build-up caused by close placement to walls.

Balanced line-level inputs are accepted on XLR and TRS connectors, whilst unbalanced sources can be hooked up via RCA sockets.

Eris Studio Models:

  • Eris Studio 4
  • Eris Studio 5
  • Eris Studio 8

Eris Pro

PreSonus Eris Pro 6 coaxial monitorThe Eris Pro 6 and 8 feature a coaxial design and are said to offer precise imaging and symmetrical dispersion patterns.The Eris Pro series then offers two models which utilise a point-source coaxial design that promises to ensure superior phase alignment between components, delivering precise imaging and symmetrical dispersion patterns that make them ideally suited to immersive monitoring applications as well as stereo systems. Despite their compact size, both models’ low-end response extends down to 35Hz, and can be paired with the Eris Pro Sub 10 to offer a system that covers 20Hz to 20kHz. In terms of EQ adjustment, the Pros are kitted out with the same Acoustic Tuning controls found on the Studio models.

Once again, balanced and unbalanced line-level inputs are provided on XLR, TRS and RCA connectors. The monitor cabinets also feature wall and ceiling mounting options, making it easy for users to integrate them into any stereo, surround or immersive setup.

Eris Pro Models:

  • Eris Pro 6
  • Eris Pro 8
  • Eris Pro Sub 10

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the new Eris range is yet to be announced, we’ll update this story as soon as we have the details.

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