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Appsys ProAudio release Multiverter MVR-mkII

More flexible I/O & routing options

Appsys ProAudio Multiverter MVR-mkII digital format converter ADAT S/PDIF AES3 AES50 AES67 MADI optical coaxial

Appsys ProAudio’s digital format converters provide live and broadcast engineers with a range of useful tools designed to freely translate between a wide variety of different digital audio formats including AES3, ADAT, S/PDIF and AES3 optical, MADI optical and coaxial, Dante, AES67, AES50 and MADI-TP. The latest iteration of their flagship unit, the Multiverter MVR-mkII, offers improved routing options and an even more flexible selection of I/O than its predecessor.

Rear Panel Changes

Some of the original’s ADAT I/O has been replaced with 16 x 16 AES3 connections, and MADI connectivity has been expanded with the device now providing coaxial I/O as well as a pair of SFP that support both optical and coaxial connections. Ethernet sockets colour-coded using Neutrik’s Halo connectors offer Dante and AES50/MADI-TP, with remote control available via both Ethernet and USB-C, and preset switching offered by MIDI I/O. FlexLink connectors then make it possible to add yet more I/O using the company’s Flexiverter devices.

To help ensure uninterrupted operation in mission-critical scenarios, the Multiverter MVR-mkII boasts no fewer than three power supplies. The first two feature IEC mains connections, whilst a third power slot can be loaded with 9-18V batteries, and the device will automatically switch supplies if one power source fails.

Routing & Control Updates

The Routing capabilities found on the unit’s front panel has been expanded to accommodate the additional I/O capabilities, and offers control over routing in 64-channel blocks. The Clock section has been updated to cater to users working with the optional ASRC module, and will now display separate indicators for clock domains a and B, as well making it possible to control the sample rate conversion directly from the front panel. Individual channels or stereo pairs can be line checked from the monitoring section, and an onboard test tone generator is provided. The unit also features support for headamp remote control of Midas and Behringer consoles.

In addition to the local control, the Multiverter MVR-mkII’s settings can be accessed from a web application via USB or Ethernet/Dante, which allows routing to be edited on a single-channel basis as well as in blocks of 8 or 64 channels.

To find out more about the Multiverter, check out our review of the previous version from SOS November 2019.

Pricing & Availability

The Multiverter MVR-mkII is available now, priced at $3899£3159 including VAT.…

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