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Radial StudioQ brings talkback to smaller studios

Affordable studio talkback system aimed at smaller set-ups

At the AES show in LA, Radial Engineering's Peter Janus brings SOS Editor-in-Chief Paul White up to speed on their super compact, desktop talkback/cue system: the Studio Q.

Radial CEO Peter Janis: "With more and more recording happening in smaller studios, the need for a simple talkback system has become evident. Yes, there are other cue systems on the market, but most either have too many features, are too costly, or are too large. The Studio-Q  manages to do it all in a super compact design."

The Studio-Q begins with a simple cue switch that turns on the built-in microphone or the 'producer' mic  XLR input. Each mic is equipped with an individual trim control along with a master mic volume. These can also be remotely activated using a remote mute footswitch — naturally, Radial would like that you use their model the JR1. Once depressed, the signal is routed to the studio headphone system while it automatically shunts the program to the desired level. The program signal path is balanced for easy integration with any console with fully variable level control on the front panel. When the band is full-on, a remote output may be used to send a dry contact to a  beacon and attract attention. This can also be set with DC power to accommodate a soon to be released LED beacon from Radial.

The Studio Q is shipping now and has an MSRP of $299.99 USD.

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