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Residential Course with award-winning producers at Chapel studios

Jim Spencer & David Tolan

Jim Spencer & David TolanJim Spencer & David TolanPress Release: Award-winning producers Jim Spencer & David Tolan are to host a special one-off music production weekend at the legendary residential chapel studios in Lincolnshire, UK on August 30th-1st September. The weekend is designed as a 'get away from it all' event for people who are serious about music production. 

Their combined credits read like a who's who...The Charlatans, Johnny Marr, The Cribs, New Order, The Vaccines, Primal Scream, Tori Amos, The Vaccines, Liam Gallagher, Wiz Khalifa, Tears For Fears, Paul Weller, Oasis, Steffan Halperin(The Klaxons), Josh Third( The Horrors), Ladyhawke, Beth Orton, Delphic, Tim Burgess, Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Robert Wyatt, Haven, The Doves, Echo and The Bunnymen, 808 state, Starsailer, Electronic, Black Grape, The Paddingtons, Mansun, Birdpen, The Vanguards, Badly Drawn Boy, Hatcham Social, Electricity In Our Homes, Denise Johnson, Mansun, 1913, Barbara Dickson, Stephen Dale Petit, Bert Jansch, Aim, Longview, Patti smith, Robin Hitchcock, The Reads, The Joy, Mozaic, John Paul Jones(Led Zeppellin), Marion, The Damned, The Swings, Simon Aldrid (Cherry ghost), Rubika, Earthona, The Damned, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, The Laughing windows, The Distractors, Experiment On A Bird In The Airpump, The Planets, The Unisex, Suzuki Method, the Rainband, The list goes on.. ...

The weekend event runs from Friday to Sunday and covers everything from pre-production to Mastering, it is a real opportunity for musicians, engineers and budding producers alike to explore the fine art of record production in a beautiful country setting. It's a great chance to explore music production in a friendly, encouraging setting designed to cater for everyones prior skill, knowledge and understanding. 

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Friday evening starts with Informal introductions with the producers, talks and discussions with the group and after dinner, moving onto pre-production techniques/production deals & music business discussions.  Saturday kicks off at 10am after breakfast, straight at it, setting up with the band, mic'ing up, line checking.... along with taking an in depth look at mic/pre amp choice/ routing, everything to make sure we get that optimum pristine recording quality. Then we move on to 'The take'. What makes a great take?.. identifying what makes something special even if it has flaws..The afternoon will comprise of doing takes and selecting the best performances, moving onto individual instrumentation for overdubs, looking at 'take 'selection, editing and comp'ing. Once we've got it all into shape we're in a good position to start looking at Mixing....
Mixing will take place on Sunday in Studio 2, this room is orientated to mixing especially and has a  really nice selection of our board gear, just the job for mixing some big sounding records! Firstly getting into the correct 'setup' then moving onto the black art of production, exploring some amazing techniques as well as exploding some myths too!  After the mix is in place, we then move onto 'Mastering' looking at acurate, compression, eq and limiting to squeeze the very best out of our tracks ready for manufacture.

When our works done we can relax with a few drinks at the local, a great opportunity to wind down and discuss what we love the most!

For further info, please check out  or if you get a chance, maybe go and see them at Kendal Calling festival this for more highly enthused Music Production discussions!

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