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Revived Sphere brand repurposes preamp designs

19-inch & 500-series preamps releases by '70s/'80s console band

The Sphere brand emerged in the 1970s in the recording console market and at that time it filled an interesting gap in the studio market, sonically. The preamps in the desk have been likened — at least by current owner Duncan Rowe — as "in between a Neve and an API".  After a prolonged period of inactivity, the brand is now being revived and relaunched with a range of new products that use the old Sphere console designs. 

The first of these designs was the Fab Four — a 19-inch rackmount unit with four Sphere preamps. Now, at the Summer NAMM show, they've been showing off their first 500-series module, the Fab 500.

We caught up with Duncan Rowe to find out how he got involved with the company and find out what makes these preamps so special.

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