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Rigid Audio release Kontakt GUI Maker

Create Kontakt instruments with no coding

Rigid Audio Kontakt GUI Maker custom sample library virtual instrument creator tool

Rigid Audio’s extensive product range offers an array of virtual instruments that run in Native Instruments’ Kontakt, with drum and loop-based offerings joined by all manner of synths and sound design tools. Their latest release, Kontakt GUI Maker, has been designed to let anyone design and publish their own Kontakt instrument, but without the need to write so much as a single line of code. 

No Code Required

The software comes loaded with a library of control items that can be dragged and dropped into place and assigned with up to five actions. There are 200 knobs, switches and background images that can be freely used in a commercial product, and users are able to import their own PNG image files should they wish to customise their instrument’s appearance.

A set of tools make it possible to edit background and wallpaper parameters such as colour, rotation and saturation directly from within the software. For those who’d prefer to keep it as simple as possible, Kontakt GUI Maker comes with a pre-made .NKI instrument that features 16 sample layers each pre-configured with their own envelopes, modulation routings, LFOs, effects and more — all users need to do is map their own samples. 

Those who do wish to get a bit more involved can take advantage of an additional set of controls designed to further customise their instrument. It never gets too complicated, though, as everything can be created via simple configuration menus with no coding required. Settings are provided to alter the positioning and colour of control items, as well as configuring the actions that are assigned to them and defining custom parameter scalings. Keyswitch settings are also provided, along with options to setup keyboard range colours to distinguish between different sections of samples. 


Kontakt GUI Maker requires the full version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt (version 6.8.0 or higher), which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.15 and above

Pricing & Availability

Kontakt GUI Maker is available now, and is being offered at an introductory price of £59.24 until 30 April 2024, after which it will increase to £78.99. Prices include VAT.

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