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Rob Papen launches accessible Go2 synth

Affordable soft-synth designed to be quick and easy to use

Highly experienced soft synth developer Rob Papen has a new baby. Go2 is said to be quick and easy to use, covering a wide range of genres. Geared towards the entry-level end of the market as well as more experienced producers, Go2 is also extremely affordable, priced at just £41.95$49.

It might be an entry-level synth, but Go2 still looks pretty sophisticated, with a morphing oscillator, fully featured arpeggiator and built-in effects. All the controls are on one screen, however, with the intention of creating a ‘go-to’ synth that lets you get to the desired sound quickly. With a large XY pad for manual adjustment and a variety of automated morphing modes, the oscillator section lets you morph between two different waveforms. The XY pad can also be used as a modulation source in the eight-slot mod matrix alongside internal sources, such as the various envelopes and LFOs, and external MIDI control messages.

The arpeggiator goes well beyond traditional arp capabilities, with a sequencer mode and a range of per-step parameters, and there are built-in chorus, flanger, phaser, delay and reverb effects. As you would expect, Go2 also includes hundreds of presets. Like all of Rob Papen’s virtual instruments, Go2 is macOS- and Windows-compatible, comes in VST, AU and AAX formats and supports the NI NKS control standard. It’s available now.

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