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RodeCaster Pro is an all-in-one studio for podcasters

Features 8 channels, Bluetooth, USB and phone inputs, SFX pads, SD recording and more!

Podcasting continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the media industry and Rode’s latest endeavour seeks to make professional podcast production easier than ever before.

The RodeCaster Pro is an eight-channel recorder with four XLR mic inputs with Class A preamps and internal recording capability to an SD card or via USB for live streaming or recording to your DAW.

Two areas that really set this apart from other products are the way it handles phone calls and its implementation of SFX triggering. When bringing in a remote guest for a phone interview, it’s traditionally been a bit of a pain to record them without unpleasant echo unless you have expensive hardware. Thankfully, with the RodeCaster Pro, you can connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth or a TRRS cable for “mix-minus” audio for clean and clear recording. 

The RODECaster records mix-minus audio from your phone via Bluetooth or TRRS cable for clear phone interviews.

Another time-consuming faff when recording podcasts is the process of adding sound effects and jingles. The RodeCaster Pro gives you eight programmable pads so you can trigger the sounds you want in the flow of recording.

Of specific interest to the pro audio crowd is the inclusion of Aphex signal processing — the well-known Big Bottom processor for Voice-of-God voiceovers and Aural Exciter for crisp, clear speech have both been included. Additionally, Rode have given you all the broadcaster’s essentials such as per-channel ducking, reverb, high-pass filter, noise gate, dynamics and de-esser.

Sporting a touch-screen, eight faders and a big red record button, this nifty little desktop device has a real immediacy to it that will be hugely appealing to podcasters. Though there’s no word yet on pricing, we do know that they’ll be available from December and we fully expect these to become ubiquitous in no time.

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