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ROLI ship Seaboard Rise 49

Four-octave controller now avaiable

ROLI is now shipping the Seaboard Rise 49, a four-octave model of its multi-award-winning Seaboard Rise controller. The two-octave version, now referred to as the Rise 25, was described by reviewer Robin Bigwood as “one of the most exciting, progressive and potent MIDI controllers ever made.”

Offering new ways to shape sound through Five Dimensions of Touch on its soft, pressure-sensitive surface, the Seaboard Rise 49 builds on the success of the Seaboard Rise 25. Twice the size of Rise 25, the Rise 49 is designed for stage performance as well as studio production. Amateur and professional music-makers have already discovered the amazing versatility of this newest Seaboard, after ROLI displayed the first models at the NAMM show in California in January.

The Rise 49 is now available to order online through the ROLI Store for $1,199 (£949, €1,299). It is also available at ROLI’s network of retailers in North America and Europe. Orders will ship within 7-10 business days.

Each Rise 49 includes a padded Soft Case that lets music-makers carry the instrument conveniently between home, studio, and gig. Bitwig 8-Track, the digital audio workstation, comes bundled with every Rise 49 alongside Equator, ROLI’s custom-made software synthesizer and sound engine.  

We got a demo of the Rise 49 at NAMM back in January. Check it out.

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