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Sampleson release Haptic Perc

Turn any mic signal into percussion

Sampleson Haptic Perc physical modelling percussion instrument audio MIDI

Sampleson’s latest plug-in uses physical modelling to turn an input signal into a percussion instrument. Haptic Perc comes with two variants, the first acts as a processing plug-in, and is capable of converting a signal from any microphone into a range of percussive sounds, and the second behaves as a virtual instrument that can be triggered via a MIDI track.

Haptic Perc comes loaded with 11 instrument presets: Conga, Hi Bongo, Cuban Bongo, Repique, Surdo, Large Pot, Orchestral Triangle, Old Phone, Glass Bar, Metal Click and Tic Toc. a set of controls including Tuning, Damping and Strike make it possible to manipulate the physical models and customise the built-in sounds, and users are able to create an unlimited amount of variations.

When using the effects version of the plug-in on an audio track, it is said to be capable of using a signal from any microphone to trigger its models — Sampleson say that even a built-in laptop mic will do the trick, although they recommend using a dedicated mic to ensure the best performance. Piezoelectric and contact models will work, too, and a set of Gate, Gain and Decay parameters within the plug-in are provided to optimise the behaviour to suit the chosen model. The virtual instrument version can then be triggered by any MIDI-capable device, allowing users to play the sounds from their DAW’s MIDI tracks or using an external controller such as a keyboard or drum pad.


Haptic Perc is supported on PCs running Windows 7 or later, and Macs running macOS 10.7 and above. VST3, and AU plug-in versions are available. No AAX version is available, so the plug-in is not compatible with Pro Tools.

Pricing & Availability

Haptic Perc is available now, and is currently (11 December 2023) being offered for an introductory price of $29, reduced from $49.

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