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SE Electronics unveil SE8 pencil mic - Summer NAMM

New backplate design incorporated for more balanced sound & transient response

SE Electronics have today unveiled a brand new small-diaphragm condenser mic in the sE8. The latest evolution of the Chinese manufacturer’s small-diaphragm design, which started with the SE1 almost 15 years ago, the sE8 features a new backplate design that is said to give the condenser capsule a more even, balanced sound and superior transient response. 

The mic has interchangeable capsules, so we hope to see a few more capsule designs as time goes one.

According to sE’s Product Manager Thomas Stubics, “You can apply any shelving filters or peak EQ without harshness, unpleasant colorations or distorted transients – it just stays natural.” This is accomplished with an extremely short, efficient signal path, without the use of ICs or transformers - and according to Stubics, the sE8 is “one of the quietest SDC microphones available today – and by far the quietest in its class. Sonically, we feel it can easily be compared with mics that retail for more than $1,000 USD per pair.”

The mic is equipped with multi-position pad (-10 or -20dB) and low-cut filter (80 or 160 Hz) switches and boasts a number of upgraded features, including a gold-plated XLR connector. Available from August onwards, the sE8 comes with a mic clip and wind screen and has an MSRP of $299. A matched stereo pair, complete with stereo mounting bar, will also be available, with a street price under $599.

We managed to get a quick overview with Jonathan Pines from US distributor Fingerprint at the Summer NAMM show. Check it out here:

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