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sE expand DynaCaster range

Two new dynamic mics join DynaCaster line

sE DynaCaster DCM3 DCM6 dynamic studio microphones voice vocal podcast in-line preamp boost Dynamite

sE Electronics have released the DynaCaster DCM3 and DCM6, the two latest additions to their range of dynamic studio microphones. Both models are built around a custom cardioid capsule that has been designed with voice recording applications in mind, with the DCM6 equipped with an integrated Dynamite preamp which provides +30dB of gain.

sE DynaCaster DCM3 DCM6 dynamic studio microphones voice vocal podcast in-line preamp boost DynamiteBoth the DCM3 and DCM6 feature the same body and capsule, but the latter is equipped with sE's Dynamite preamp which offers a +30dB gain boost. Both of the new microphones share the same all-metal housing, and take advantage of sE’s patented integrated shockmount technology, allowing them to offer some rejection of mechanical vibrations without the need for an external mount.

The capsule has been developed specifically for the DynaCasters and promises to deliver high intelligibility even in noisy environments, whilst the grille features a built-in pop filter which allows the microphones to be used without any additional accessories.

The DCM6 also benefits from a built-in preamp, utilising the technology found in sE’s DM1 Dynamite in-line device. Engaging +48V phantom power will provide an additional +30dB of clean and transparent gain, making the microphone a lot louder than a typical dynamic model and helping to deliver improved noise performance.

Both the DCM3 and DCM6 feature a cardioid polar pattern, and have a quoted frequency response of 40Hz to 18kHz. Each microphone measures 158 x 86 x 62 mm, and the DCM3 weighs 512g, with the DCM6 weighing marginally more at 518g. When utilising phantom power for the on-board preamp, the DCM6 draws 3.1mA.

Pricing & Availability

Both microphones are available to purchase now. The DCM3 is priced at $129€119, and the DCM6 at $199€169.

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