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Sennheiser XS Wireless IEMs launched

Lower-cost in-ear monitoring system

Sennheiser XS Wireless IEM in-ear monitors

Sennheiser have launched the XS Wireless IEM, a new in-ear monitoring system that provides users with a professional personal monitoring solution at a lower cost than their Evolution series gear. Complete starter packages are available, each containing a transmitter, body-pack receiver, IE 4 in-ear starter headphones, batteries, a power supply with a multi-voltage adapter, and a rack mount kit for the transmitter.

The XS Wireless IEM (or XSW IEM for short) operates in the UHF band, and comes loaded with pre-calculated and aligned frequency presets that allow users to get started with minimal configuration. Transmission frequencies can also be selected manually, providing users with some flexibility when sharing a space with other UHF kit. Multiple receivers can be synced with a transmitter, allowing mixes to be shared between multiple performers, with both the transmitter and receivers also being sold individually for users to expand their system further down the line. Each transmitter has a pair of inputs, and users can choose either a mono mix (with a pan control adjusting the volume for the left and right ear) or a stereo mix. The latter provides two options via a 'Focus' mode: with this mode switched off, the pan control will change the left/right volume; with Focus mode switched on, it will determine which of the two input signals will be heard louder, creating a personal mono mix tailored to the musician’s needs.

The body-packs feature a lightweight design, but Sennheiser say they have been designed with live stage use in mind. Controls are secured behind a panel to prevent accidental operation, with battery and connection status being shown via an LED. A backlit display offers more detailed information when setting frequencies, balancing mixes or changing on-board EQ settings. The units also feature a limiter to protect the user’s hearing. The transmitter comes in a rugged metal housing with a removable antenna, and is supplied with a rack mount kit. Balanced inputs are provided in the form of XLR/TRS combo sockets.

The XSW IEM is available now, with the starter kits priced at £529 including VAT.

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