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Session Keys Grand Piano from e-instruments

Pianos with sound design and performance controls

Session Keys Grand Keys S interfaceSession Keys Grand Keys S interfaceHamburg-based e-instruments have announced the immediate availability of Session Keys Grand S and Session Keys Grand Y, two Kontakt-based instruments with an innovative approach to creating the perfect piano sound. Both instruments have tools for sound design and feature music creation functionality. 

Session Keys Grand S uses samples from a Steinway D4 and Session Keys Grand Y takes its sonic character from the Yamaha CFIIIS. Each cost €99/$99 individually, and can alternatively be purchased together for €159/$159.

As far as sound design features go, the instruments use a controller called the ‘Pentamorph’. This pentagonal controller allows the user to adjust the piano’s acoustics and sound characteristics, and even allows you to create a reversed effect, that would no-doubt be useful for atmospheres.

For ease of performance, there is the ‘Animator’, a feature designed to generate musical piano phrases in a flexible way. It also offers an intuitive way to create piano parts that follow your harmonies. 

With Smart Chords, you have instant piano chords at your fingertips. Session Keys’ Smart Chord Mode provides an inventive way to add depth of musical expression to your production. Full chords or Animator riffs can be played via either the pad controller or single keys of a keyboard — just set the key of your song and let Smart Chord Mode create the harmonies.

Finally, if you want to tailor your sound further, its possible to access every parameter of the piano, and also add EQ, compression, convolution reverb and delay-based effects.

Check out the e-instruments website for more information and sound examples.

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