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Softube launch Harmonics dynamic distortion plug-in

New plug-in designed to add distortion while preserving dynamics

The world of audio production is awash with distortion plug-ins but Softube’s latest offering looks like something unique. Harmonics features five component-modelled analogue-style distortion types but adds all-new 'Dynamic Transient Control' technology for ensuring that you don’t destroy your dynamics.

Whether you’re looking to give your guitars or basses a bit more grit, or just makes those drums a bit more edgy, distortion is your friend… until it isn’t. It’s surprisingly easy to overdo it with distortion, killing transients and blotting out the detail. 

According to Softube, Harmonics takes a new approach to handling dynamics. It listens and analyses the audio, preserving detail and dynamics, even after heavy distortion has been applied.

High and low-cut filters make this a more useful tool, as does a mix knob for when you’re looking for parallel processing. 

It’s available now for an introductory price of $99 until the end of November, $149 thereafter. Hear it in action here:

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